Would you eat Whale Meat?

If you were in Japan and a friend offered you Whale Meat, would you try it? I had this happen to me and I declined it. My host didn’t quite understand why, so I explained my views. (Don’t get upset since they are MY views).

I told them that I wouldn’t eat the Whale Meat because Japan was basically not telling the truth.  Japan says they are doing “scientific research”.  I called B.S. and said why is the meat ending up in the fish markets and on the table?  I then said if Japan just said, “Yes we are whaling and have been doing it for centuries!” I wouldn’t have too much of an issue with it, but they are not.  If they owned up to it and really regulated it I would consider eating it.  I know that the rest of the world isn’t the most innocent when it comes to killing whales (in the past) so I don’t think we can pass too much judgement.  It pretty obvious to me that we are over fishing the oceans already so even a little whaling is probably a bad thing.

What would you do?

A fish market in Karatsu, Japan.


  1. I’ve had whale at a kaiten sushi place. It was kinda tasteless.

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