Going to Japan? What you should bring, or should I bring?

I will be in Japan from Thursday for a couple weeks. I wasn’t planning on bringing much but they I realized that i am actually bringing a freaking electronics store in my backpack!!  I have a HD Video Camera, a DSLR Camera, a Nintendo DS Lite, an iPod Nano, a MacBook, earbuds, chargers, batteries, US Mobile Phone, Japanese Mobile Phone, and electronic dictionary.  All of this will be in my backpack!!  Well except for the chargers which I will put in my suitcase.

Am I crazy or just an Otaku (geek)?  Is this normal or out of the ordinary?  What do you think?

The good thing is that I plan on taking A LOT of pictures and A LOT of video!! I can say the pictures will get uploaded pretty quickly, but the video will take a little bit to edit.  I am also toying with the idea of getting a flash video recorder for quick videos, since I wont have to edit them, just upload to the net asap.

Stay tuned for all the cool new stuff I find in Japan.


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