Let me give you a quick update on what I noticed in Japan for the last 2 weeks.

  • Japanese Cell Phones still kick the USDM (US domestic Market) with exception to the iPhone which Japan has envy for.
  • Girls fashion seems to be jean shorts (very short), heals, and long socks.
  • Eco-everything. Japan is really pushing to make everything “green” and promote cleaner living.
  • More foreign tourist than usual.
  • Big Flat Screen TV’s cost more in Japan (no news to me or anyone else that travels to Japan).
  • Nintendo DS is ruling the portable gaming market in Japan.  Lots of learning software available as well.
  • Cool Mecha (Gundam Robot style) games at the game centers that are networked throughout the country.  (do a full post with pix and video on this soon).
  • Japan is ready for the Olympics.  Lots of advertisements on TV
  • Gas 124 yen per liter (3.8 per gallon for those in the USA)
  • All passengers in cars will have to wear seat belts starting June 2008. It’s a safety thing 🙂
  • There is a butter shortage in Japan!
  • Baby formula is A LOT cheaper in Japan (I have a 10 month old so this is something I noticed).
  • Starting to see more solar panels on houses.
  • Outsourcing to China is effecting local shops (lots of countries dealing with this issue).
  • Video games on cell phones getting better and better (I played a soccer one on an “AU” phone that was awesome)
  • Male Hair Products and other “beauty products” have expontentially increased.
  • Still takes 10 people to get anything done in a retail store in Japan.  (How these companies are profitable amazes me).
  • Flight attendants still have the worst English in Japan.
  • Trains still rule if you want to get anywhere fast.
  • Japanese Women….well you know…”RULE”!!
  • Bunch of my “normal” none techie Japanese friends are really into Youtube videos these days. 

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