Why are Japanese People so Skinny?

People always ask me why are Japanese people so skinny.  Now I am not a scientist and don’t have a degree in nutrition, but I do have a couple of theories.  First and foremost I think the number factor to why Japanese people are so skinny is that they walk a lot more than your average American.  Let’s take an average day in Japan.  First, you wake up and head to the office.  Most likely you are either walking to the train/subways/bus station/stop or you are riding your bicycle to work.  If you ride the train or subway you are met with at least a couple flights of stairs before you get to the train.  After your train ride you are faced with another couple flights of stairs and a nice walk to your office. I think you get the general idea  By this point you have already burnt off the little bowl of rice and bowl of miso soup. 

Secondly, Japanese people do eat a lot of food but the portion sizes are A LOT smaller! Especially with drinks.  There are no super big gulps!  There are no supersized french fries, and if there are they are the size of an American large.  Basically the average Japanese meal consists of a lot of little servings of many types of food.  Rice, vegies, fish, meat, tofu, salad, etc.  Plus with most meals Japanese people usually drink unsweetened tea which has zero calories. 

You can probably already see why most Japanese people are a lot thinner than us American folks (Disclaimer: I am American).  Hell, all you would have to do is copy the Japanese life style and you would be dropping the weight before you knew it. 

So what have we learned?

  1. Walk more
  2. Take the stairs not the elevator or esculator
  3. Smaller portions with a lot of variety (hit all the food groups)
  4. un sweetened tea or water instead of sodas

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