Robots taking over Japan?

Do you think Japan is heading in the right direction with all it’s research and development of robot technology (I almost typed “Robo-Technology” for all you Macross/Robotech fans).  It seems that Japan and Japanese companies are spending a lot on developing robots.  Toyota, Honda, Japanese Universities, etc.  Do they know something we don’t know or is it just the direction they need to go in, in order to have products to sell in the future? Japan has some fast growing neighbors and they are catching up.  Did Japan decide to go with Robots because of the complexity.  I have a feeling that in order to stay ahead of their neighbors, Japan has to work with technology that is so far advance that it’s neighbors wont be able to catch up for years.  I am a little biased in that I prefer Japanese products over other countries products, but I am also not rich so will chose cheaper options on technology that has matured.  I mean and LCD is an LCD basically.  Japan cant expect to hold the competition back by just making LCD’s, can they? They have to leap-frog way past in order to keep ahead.  Japan’s number one resource is it’s educated, dedicated, and hard working population (of course this is not 100% true but pretty close).  Robots for old people, Pet Robots, Robots for security.  Will there be robots everywhere in the future?

Sorry that this entry is kind of all over the place, but I just wanted to get some thoughts down on “paper”.  I have noticed a lot of R&D is going into Robots and was wondering how it will effect us in the future.  Hopefully the Robots don’t revolt against us like in the movies….

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